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Cam Newton in midseason immaturity form, bullies former teammate Kelvin Benjamin

As some of you may have seen, Cam Newton exchanged some words with former teammate and current Buffalo Bills WR Kelvin Benjamin. At its best it was an awkward exchange, at its worst it was another example of why Cam Newton isn’t fit to be the face of a franchise.

This is how the conversation probably went down:

Cam: Hey Kelvin, see that forklift over there? Is that how they got you into the stadium you fatty?

Cam laughs and extends his arm for a high five.

Kelvin: Hey Cam that’s really mean. I’m not giving you a high five. You can’t body shame me. It’s 2018.

Cam Newton motions Kelvin Benjamin’s friend away so that he can bully Kelvin Benjamin more

Cam: What’s wrong? Did I hurt your itty-bitty feelings? Are you scared?

Kelvin Benjamin starts to walk away and points at the sky and says the following in a Ray Lewis voice. 

Kelvin: I’ll pray for you. You’ll be number one in my prayers tonight.

Kelvin Benjamin walks away. Meanwhile, Cam Newton follows Kelvin Benjamin. 

Cam: Wait up, I’m not done talking with you yet. I wanted to give you some slim fast bars to help out with your problem.

Kelvin: Sticks and stones may break my bones but words may never hurt me.

Cam Newton runs off as he has a press conference to dress up for and he’s got to decide which costume he’s gonna wear. 

End scene. 

Riveting stuff, folks. I can’t wait to hear Colin Cowherd’s extremely rational takes on this in the near future.

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