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Todd Gurley needs to be investigated by the FBI for point-shaving

The Los Angeles Rams are undefeated and Todd Gurley had yet another excellent game today. One thing that many people noticed was that Todd Gurley intentionally didn’t score at the end of the game when he definitely could have. Football experts are calling this “a good football move” and they’re praising him for “being a good teammate instead of caring about individual stats.”

Well I’m here to say, not so fast…

The spread for the game was 8.5 and the OVER/UNDER was set at 58.5. The Rams were up 29-27. What happened next is sickening:

Are you serious, Todd Gurley? This touchdown would have had the spread hit provided their automatic kicker nailed the extra point and it would have put the game over.

There’s only one explanation for this: Todd Gurley is going full Pete Rose and betting on his games. He clearly wanted the Rams to win but not by 8.5 because he clearly bet the Packers. This type of practice is unethical and it doesn’t belong in our game.

Now you may be saying, “Dan, these are pretty big accusations. Do you have proof?”

Yes, here’s the proof:

He’s literally dancing on the graves of those who bet the OVER and those who had faith in his Rams to beat the spread. He’s like a cat that plays with a mouse before devouring it.

A sicko like that doesn’t deserve to be the MVP. He doesn’t deserve to be looked up to by children. He deserves to be thrown in jail for cheating the public out of their hard-earned money.

P.S. If you bet the under in this game then you suck and you’re basically saying that you hate watching good offenses which means that you hate fun.

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