I asked OJ Simpson for marriage advice and he blocked me on Twitter

Folks, as most people know by now from reading my comments on the SportsCenter Facebook page I have a wife and a seven year old daughter. Well my wife and I have been going through some tough times ever since I moved in with her and her boyfriend.

During this time I have realized that my marriage is falling apart and I figured I could ask OJ Simpson for help since he’s one of the most famous people ever to be in my shoes.

Instead of answering my question, he rudely blocked me.

I figured that a man who found his wife in another lover’s arms would understand my pain. I thought and hoped that there would be empathy for me. Especially because after he found out that his wife was cheating on him she was tragically murdered and to this day they haven’t found out who did it. It’s an extremely sad story.

Maybe he’s still grieving and that’s why he didn’t want to give me advice. That’s the only thing that would explain him blocking me.

PS This entire post was satire and I don’t have a wife or a kid. I figured that would be obvious but nowadays you never know with people.

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