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Hear Me Out : Mitch Trubisky Isn’t A Bust

Woah, Kaleb not writing just Patriots content? What the hell is going on here? Well, I felt inspired by Mitch Trubisky’s performance from last night against the laughably embarrassing Cowboys that I had the joy of watching highlights from this morning that I just had to reflect.

Mitchell Trubisky has often been regarded by most fans as a draft bust and one of the worst QBs in the NFL. Though, I don’t think he’s all that bad. Now before you load the comment sections with “Sham article. Does he have a clue?”, he was by every way you can write it, an ultimate reach. The Chicago Bears paid a kings ransom of four total draft picks to the San Francisco 49ers to move up one spot to take the former Tar Heel. He was taken eight spots in-front of defending MVP Patrick Mahomes and 10 spots ahead of Deshaun Watson coming off of a National Championship win. So yeah, not a great call by the Bears front office. Trubisky at number two overall is pathetic. His stats don’t justify that. Especially when you compare them to Watson and Mahomes. This doesn’t make it a total BUST though. I believe Trubisky has proven to be a capable starter, or at least has shown enough potential to be that. He’s currently at a 64.5% completion percentage this season. At rank 17. It might not be all that impressive. But it’s solid, and that’s all I’m trying to say. With only eight interceptions on the season, he has improved upon his ball security. Also having a solid dual threat performance last night helps his cause (Thursday night against Dallas he had 63 yards and a TD on the ground). Just watching him if you can get Trubisky moving around he’ll be able to make a ton of passes. Decision making can still use work, that all comes with time and experience if you don’t have it naturally.

Photo Source : Frank Victores / Associated Press

He’ll probably never be that Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes, Drew Brees numbers kind of QB. He thrives in a game manager type of role. Which isn’t an insult to QBs. Do you draft game managers at the second overall pick? God no. I am by no means justifying the Bears in taking an average QB with the second pick in the draft. I wouldn’t justify it for any pick earlier than the early 20s. But let’s stop dog-piling on Trubisky. The elevated expectations were more than justified. Disappointment is expected and applauded. Bash the team. But the player isn’t at fault. We don’t hear these things about managers taken later in the draft. Quit it with the “Mitch sucks” train. Because that’s hardly the case.

He will continue to grow and find his way into the NFL. He has a comparable stat line to Tom Brady this season. Being only 25 years old around other young talent like RBs David Montgomery and Tarik Cohen and receivers in Allen Robinson and Anthony Miller only help his cause to be a solid QB in the NFL. Give it time, he should prove a LOT of people wrong.

Photo Source : Morry Gash / AP Photo

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